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Wise Words of Bill Maher
[Maher on Oscar Goodman]
Anyone elected mayor of a place called "Sin City" is allowed to be a drunk. Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman is taking flak for telling school children that he doesn't have a problem drinking because - quote - "I love to drink." And then adding that if he had to pick anything to be stranded with on a desert island, he would bring his favorite gin. Kids, personally, I would bring Eve, because you know that freak is packin' weed.
The High Mage

Age. 27
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. AZN
Location Basking Ridge, NJ
School. Princeton Univ
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Getting High on Ridge

The 18th day of the 8th 12th in the 5th year of the Mage

Sitting here in the middle of the night with my eyes half shut, I can't help but wonder about the life of Ridge. With only a few weeks remaining until I go to high school, the anticipation is...shall we say...killing me? Truly though; most people prefer summer and the lack of a scheduled day, not to mention the lack of school. But doesn't the fun of summer end after a while? For me, even a day of doing absolutely nothing feels so wasted, as if I am pouring my life down the drain (which I figuratively am). I feel so meaningless and down right bored. Dare I say it, but school would be a good change to the now familiar nonchalant way of life. I mean, sure school is strenuos, stressful, tedious, and boring, but it is something productive and something utterly beneficial. Shouldn't that alone motivate everyone to learn? Unfortunately not.

Hell, I won't say that I enjoy school, but I will say I enjoy learning; I enjoy the excitement of solving an impossible problem, the frustration of being stuck. And the only reason I enjoy this otherwise painful experience, is because I am motivated. I want to suceed, in order to live a better life or to feel good about myself. And even if your grandmother has told you a hundred times, if you put your mind to it, you really can do anything! But hell, motivation is not something found in a supermarket. To be honest, I often become lazy and tired, because I find no need to do anything. I am then no smarter than the stupidest person on Earth.

To be intelligent in the end, is to be determined.

Ridge can possibly offer me more motivation and experiences for me, always looking to the future, always trying to suceed. And I guess that is the theme of what I am trying to say: The future is what holds all our rewards. Hell it would be so much easier right now just to sit around and coast through high school, but to find a dead-end life waiting for me. It would take a bunch of effort to really push for the win (AKA: FTWWWWWWW!!!!!!!), but to find a much better life in the future. It definately isn't easy, and should not be attempted by the faint of heart. Instead, look to yourself and find something that drives you, because the whole world revolves around the gears of motives and motivation. Without it, we would have no purpose.

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Blame Canada

The 23rd day of the 7th 12th in the 5th year of the Mage

Another week has gone by without anything productive being done. This time, it was a long week hauling ass in Canada. I was reluctant to go on the trip from the begining, but my dysfunctional family dragged me along anyway for the 6+ hour drive up to Kingston Canada, Montreal, and then Lake George New York. In all honesty, the best part of the trip was sitting in the car reading the new Harry Potter book.

Kingston is a bustling little town on the shore of Lake Ontario, where peopl at least speak English. We stayed at an actually decent hotel near the lake and just basically walked around the town doing absolutely nothing. There was an amatuer talent showcase of some sort going on and all the streets were closed, forcing us to wander around quite a bit before we could park. Surprisingly, the hotel had internet access for free (one of the only highlights of my vacation)! We ate at a really cheap resturant (cheap as in bad, not as in less money) and went near the lake. One thing I did notice while in Kingston was that Canada is not much cooler than NJ during the summer. The Canadian city was at least 90 degrees, perhaps even hotter than NJ.

The section of Lake Ontario located near Kingston is home to at least 1000 islands (or so the tour guide says). Being the stupid tourists we were, we immediately took a cruise boat out to see the Thousand Islands. Living on these islands were extremely rich people (or bastards) who had nothing to do all day but sail around on their speedboats and drink alcohol. But the cruise wasn't too horrible, providing a nice escape from the sweltering temperature.

Montreal was probably the best part of the trip. If anyone does get the chance to see it, it is really nice (It is almost exactly like NYC, but not as good cause it is mostly French). The onlny qualm I had about Montreal was that everyone there was French. Other than that, the city was really similar to NYC (but a little cleaner) with great people and great places. Our hotel was in fact right next to Chinatown, which was basically 3 blocks of Chinese resturants. So, conforming with my parent's wishes, we ate there every day.

We spent most of our time in the UNDERGROUND, a series of underground passages with a bunch of stores. It is basically a huge shopping mall underground. Probably one of the best shopping places in Canada.

Lake George was really really bad. The hightlight of the locale was a lake, with rickety motels strewn about around it. Nothing much to say about that.

Now that I finally have some time off, there is a bunch of work to be done (Damn summer reading). I hope everyone had a great summer and continues to enjoy their few weeks vacation, because come September, hell will be back!

je haine les Français

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CTY '05

The 16th day of the 7th 12th in the 5th year of the Mage

It was a pretty sad day yesterday after leaving my friends for the fourth year in a row. CTY always brings everyone together and makes a big deal out of it. This year was no different, for CTY was an awsome experience even if we had to cross a busy street everyday, or if we had stupid rules that made no sense. There were so many great memories to share: Cheapsnax, cheapsax, cheapsex, yooooooo, bball, and ofcourse the partyboy dances. The people were wonderful as well: InterpolA, Nick, Nick, and Nick, Malcom Basement, Island Girls.

With each year being an even better experience, I will definately not forget this session. I hope everyone has a great summer and perhaps I'll see you guys next year.

Great Memories

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Class of 2009

The 24th day of the 6th 12th in the 5th year of the Mage

Graduation yesterday was the greatest. Although I didn't get to see most of my friends who were graduating earlier, the friends that were there were awesome. The whole year was great fun and I had some really great memories. Who can possibly forget thier middle school years? Now that school has officially ended however, I already feel the wave of nostalgia that was the Class of 2005. It's been about 11 hours since I graduated and I already want to go back to school. Not because I want to learn, but because I never want the great memories of 8th grade to end.

When we get into a scheduled lifestyle, it is so hard to break fromthe routine and do something different. That's how I feel now; I just want to go back to school and have fun with friends. Ofcourse, that is impossible until September. Until then, I have CTY to look foward to with even more friends and memories. Through this I have learned that change is bad.

We are now officially the class of 2009, future graduates at Ridge High School. A part of me wants to start the new school year right away while another wants to stay back in 8th grade. I still remain ambivalent to the choice and will probably never come to a conclusion. Summer too, is an enigma to me. Everyone anticipates it while they're in school, but once it comes, the whole thing just blows over. Again, change is always for the worse.

Change is always for the worse

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School is out!

The 18th day of the 6th 12th of the 5th year of the Mage

Finally, after a whole week of non-stop final/project marathon, school is over! The next week will just be year-book signing and graduation practice... which is sure to be hella fun. Now the next thing to look forward to would be CTY with ouyang and DLee....not Kevin lol (j/k).

The crap thing is I have a violin recital tomorrow...damn I've grown to hate the violin and my teacher (not Mr. Barron) another one. On the brightside this is the last violin related thing of my life (hopefully). If i completely mess up... then I could care less.

Just completely stoned now on WoW since school is over.

Stonedddddddd on WoW

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Countdown to CTY

The 5th day of the 6th 12th of the 5th year of the Mage

There are only three weeks left of school (two weeks of learning) and then its the three weeks that everyone loves... CTY. I can't wait for the times of purely enjoyable education, cool friends, breaking the rules...and the dances, o the dances. But this year due a completely stupid mistake by my mom, I might not be able to go. She forgot to mail in the mdecial form... wtf. If I cannot go because of a stupid piece of paper, I willl freak. I just hope CTY isn't that strict about its rules.

Condolences go out to Kerry Alan and Yang.... you know why.


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